Pinterest Tools: Tailwind or BoardBooster?

I have to admit, I’m a little late to the Pinterest game. It was never a channel I focused on during work hours. Boy was I missing out! Now I see how valuable the tool is for marketing. And, it makes a lot of sense. Tailwind or BoardBooster? More social media tools? Ugh.

I know how you feel!

But lately, I’ve seen a lot of business owners and bloggers having great success with Pinterest so naturally I’m jumping on board [no pun intended. Gimme, gimme, gimme some of that traffic!

If you’ve read anything about my business goals for 2017, then you understand I have a lot of work to do. So I’m not going to dabble, I’m going to dive!

I’ve already made my own Pinterest plan, which I can’t fully disclose or report on yet (coming soon…); however, I thought I’d share a bit of the information I used to decide between the two tools. So Tailwind or BoardBooster?

In full disclosure – I’m not an affiliate for either of these companies. This is my own unbiased evaluation of these tools and how I came up with my decision to use Tailwind.

If you’d prefer to skip ahead and download my comparison chart, then here you go!

Tailwind or Boardbooster

The main reason why Pinterest is viewed as an amazing marketing tool is because it’s not your typical social media channel. It works like a search engine, offering the huge benefit of driving really targeted traffic to your website. If you do it right, your audience will type relevant search terms into the search box and see your visual pins pop up (people love images!). They’ll click these pins and immediately find your blog or website.

Why do you need a tool to help with your Pinterest marketing? Well, I shared a little bit about my obsession for automated marketing in my recent blog “Exactly How I Automate My Twitter Marketing” and I’ll say it again here – “I will automate almost anything and everything I can (that makes sense) so I can spend more time working on client projects and my actual business.”

Pinterest tools enable you to schedule your pins, revive old pins and view analytics on your Pinterest activity so you can tweak and refine your strategy. Here’s a quick list of pros and cons for both Tailwind and BoardBooster.

Tailwind or Boardbooster?



  • Free Trial: 100 pins free
  • Less expensive pricing – $0.01/pin, starting at $5/month
  • Tells if you have already posted something – no crazy duplicate boards
  • You can bulk edit pins, as well as set up looping and campaigns by reviving older pins via re-pinning of old content
  • Hands off – once you have campaigns and looping set up you can pretty much let the system run on its own


  • Not an approved Pinterest vendor (Pinterest’s cracking down on copyright lately)
  • Unprofessional looking layout (does not affect functionality)
  • Adding pins to multiple boards is not super easy
  • Not precise about scheduling
  • Makes having secret boards confusing



  • Free Trial: First Month Free
  • Pinterest approved vendor (Pinterest gives preference/higher priority to pins scheduled with Tailwind (translates to higher visibility)
  • Strong Analytics (clean, useful)
  • Drag and drop editor: easy to move pins around to different time slots
  • Offers time slots suggestions based on when your account gets activity
  • Can work on multiple accounts at the same time
  • You can schedule pins from Instagram.


  • More expensive if using the monthly option (I purchased the annual plan)
  • No looping tool
  • Time consuming at first. Need a strategy/schedule to make the pinning process smoother – smooth once established

In the end, I chose Tailwind because I felt it was the more professional tool. I’m a big data nerd so I like having access to clean analytics. I also think it’s always good to go with the approved vendor option. If you want to review all of my notes on Tailwind or BoardBooster, download my free comparison onesheet.

Please let me know in the comments which tool you’ve chosen and why. I’m sure I am missing pros and cons from my list, and I love hearing what’s working (or not working) for other marketers!

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