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Are you sick and tired of doing things the slow, old-fashioned way? I was too! Since becoming a business owner, I’ve become obsessed with automation. I will automate almost anything and everything I can (that makes sense) so I can spend more time working on client projects and my actual business. It’s just plain smart marketing. Work smarter, not harder, right? I’m about to reveal what I do to automate my Twitter marketing using just two awesome tools.

When I first became obsessed with trying to automate tasks, I started with Twitter because it felt like the simplest tool to hack. I mean all I need it to do is tweet 140 characters around 8 times per day, while following and engaging with others. Errrr…it actually sounds like a lot of tedious work.

I started out using scheduling tools that would help me pre-load tweets in advance, but I was still spending hours and hours creating and posting tweets. It was a real drag. I also tried to follow hundreds of people at a time, but then I was left unfollowing hundreds of people at a time. Ugh, not efficient. Then I had a few ah-ha moments!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret right away – you don’t have to schedule your tweets over and over, day after day, week after week. And, you don’t have to manually follow hundreds of people to gain followers. Nope!

Those days, my friends, are gone thanks to some smart marketing tools called, “Meet Edgar and Social Quant.” Thank you, Laura Roeder (one of my latest entrepreneur inspirations). Since I met Edgar, my life has never been the same. No, I’m actually being serious!

Meet Edgar is a fabulous automation tool for Twitter marketing that allows you to recycle your tweets. You basically type your tweet in one time, categorize it (e.g. promotional, blog post, industry article, etc.) and then create your weekly tweeting schedule. Edgar will cycle through your tweets, posting a “promotional” tweet when you tell it to, “blog post” tweet, when you tell it to, etc. No more hours of scheduling or copy/pasting your old tweets over and over again. Despite loving this genius idea, I still wanted to run a test to see how Edgar would impact my website traffic.

Twitter Marketing with Meet Edgar

The first thing I did was sign up for Meet Edgar’s free 14-day trial. I believe they are now offering a 30-day trial, but at the time it was 14 days. I then created a spreadsheet to organize all of my tweets. This was the most time-consuming part of the whole test. Save yourself some time and download my Meet Edgar Spreadsheet below if you decide to try the Meet Edgar 30-day trial.

Twitter marketing spreadsheet

I decided to create 14 different tweets, one for each of my blog posts (for each day of my test). I did this because I didn’t want my Twitter followers to see the same tweets repeatedly. Thinking back now, this was unnecessary. Tweets come and go so quickly on Twitter so it’s highly unlikely that one of my followers saw the same tweet more than once.

Here’s a snapshot of my spreadsheet:

spreadsheet for Twitter marketing

After all of my tweets were loaded and categorized in Meet Edgar, I pretty much just let it run for 14 days. I noticed engagement and traffic increase almost immediately. Once I saw that happening, I added more content and categories (e.g. industry articles and inspirational quotes) to my library and increased my posting frequency. They say the more you tweet, the more traffic you’ll drive and I’m here to tell you, it’s true.

Here are the results I got at the end of my test:

Meet Edgar results


The results were amazing! After only 14 days, I had increased my engagement, traffic, number of followers and more! Not to mention, I had gained about 1 hour per day that I had spent on scheduling tweets. Priceless, right?!

I’m still using Edgar today and I feel like I’m actually giving my followers more content even though I haven’t increased the number of blogs I post per week. I’m just showing them that my content library is there. I also feel more strategic because I know exactly when I’m tweeting different types of content and it’s consistent.

There are so many ways you can leverage this time-saving tool even if you still enjoy tweeting live. I’ve been playing with their RSS feed feature, which I’ve found helpful and one step closer to fully automating my Twitter marketing.

Not to sound like a broken record, but the more things I can automate or “templatize,” the more time I have to focus on my clients and new business. While Meet Edgar is a fantastic way to automate tweets, I knew there had to be a way to automate my follower growth too.

Now it’s time to meet Social Quant

Twitter Marketing with Social Quant

If Twitter is an effective channel for your business, then follower growth should be a priority. Increasing your number of followers typically involves:

  1. Searching and following targeted, relevant people
  2. Liking, favoriting and ReTweeting content
  3. Using several hashtags in your tweets  

While these are all still good tactics, they’re manual and time-consuming. Until recently, this meant spending a few hours a week on growing my number of followers. Sure, Meet Edgar helps a lot, but I was still hungry for more.

It was almost by accident that I stumbled upon Social Quant. I was commenting in a Facebook group that I follow when someone asked for advice on Twitter marketing. I followed the conversation and saw someone recommend that they use Social Quant. Out of curiosity, I checked it out – and boy am I glad I did!

“Get More Twitter Followers – Fast” their homepage says.

I know what you’re thinking…

Isn’t that spammy? Too good to be true?

Social Quant is designed to increase your following using a targeted approach, which I love. The way it works is you choose 10-20 keywords for the tool to monitor. Social Quant then follows the LIVE feed (keyword live) of people discussing those targeted keywords and follows them. But, it doesn’t stop there. If the person doesn’t follow back, the tool will unfollow them within a few hours.

Social Quant takes it one step further with analytics. The tool shows you which keywords are driving the most followers so you can adjust and refine your keyword strategy at any time. Spammy? I don’t think so – it’s just smart marketing. They are tactics you would do anyways manually, but this way you are doing it faster and probably better than you could on your own.

The results? I’ve grown my Twitter following by 262% in the past 12 days using Social Quant, and it literally works while I sleep.

In Conclusion…

Are you familiar with the term “set it and forget it?” Well as tempting as that can be, you should never completely turn your back on a marketing tool just because it’s working. You can always optimize your strategy as long as you are tracking your results. I keep a spreadsheet open on my browser during the day and try to check on all of my automation tools on a daily basis. While we have so many tools now to help us drive more efficiencies in our marketing, they should remain solely as tools (managed by people).

Automation tools take tasks that would otherwise require human labor and do them more quickly, more accurately, and more reliably. Instead of paying thousands of dollars per year for a dedicated staff member, you can automate many repetitive tasks and allocate resources to new initiatives. I hope this gave you some good ideas to help with your Twitter marketing. Sign up for my free resource library to get my free Meet Edgar spreadsheet and please share your automation tips with me in the comments. I’m always looking for new tools to try!


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